Hands of Time Marching On

22 Apr

Pretty much everything I know and love about Richie Havens, I got from listening to The Dog Show on WCNI back in the 80’s & 90’s. The host, who also owns one of the coolest record shops this side of anywhere, was a huge fan of Havens and had seen him perform at Woodstock. So pretty much every show would include some of Richie’s music, and I grew to love that voice and guitar playing. The Dog stopped doing his show a few years back, and I had moved away from the New London area myself, so I was no longer getting my weekly recommended dose of Haven infused sounds. Kinda forgot about him if you must know the truth. And then I was watching a mediocre Tom Cruise/Jamie Foxx movie a couple years ago, and this song came on during one of the scenes and I was like, damn there’s that voice, brought it all back. Don’t know how a couple of electronic music freaks from London had the genius idea of working with Richie Havens, but it worked out just fine. Richie Havens passed away today at the age of 72. I wish I had some of those old Dog shows recorded to listen to again. Gonna have to reintroduce myself to Richie’s music again soon.


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