Shit Eatin’ Grin Music

19 Apr


Late into their set last evening at the Ale House, I turned to my buddy “Jimmy 2 Books” and said, I got a new phrase for the type of music NRBQ plays, I call it “shit eating grin music”, cause they’re all wearing one, and so was everyone else in the house. Jimmy’s response was pretty much the same after every song, “Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” What an amazing evening of music, and to think I actually almost  passed it up. Didn’t decide to go, until lunchtime yesterday, and thankfully there were still a few ducats remaining.  This latest incarnation of the band features Conrad Choucroun, who has an uncanny resemblance in looks and playing style to the late Tommy Ardolino, bassist Casey McDonough, and guitarist Scott Ligon, who does a damn fine Joey Spampinato vocal impression. He also plays a hellacious guitar. Anyhow their two hour plus set included everything from improvised raveups, the ubiquitous silly Terry songs, to spot on takes of Q classics like “Howard Johnson….”, “Green Light”, “Rain at the Drive-In”, and too many others to count. Lest we forget the band featured a smoking horn section of Carl Q on “bone” and Klem Klimeck on sax, who also sang lead on several tunes. Actually Terry did very little singing, not sure what that was about. So a fortuitous decision to end my NRBQ hiatus paid off like a 20-1 shot at the Spa, I ain’t fucking kidding about that neither!


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