Love that Dirty Water

16 Apr

ImageThis blog is music centric and not the forum that I would choose to express any thoughts in detail about the senseless and indiscriminate attacks that took place in Boston during the Marathon yesterday. Therefore instead I am choosing to shine the spotlight on a couple of recent releases from artists with strong ties to Boston. The first is a “supergroup” of sorts, featuring Joe Pernice, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Mike Belitsky (Sadies, Pernice Brothers). Calling themselves The New Mendicants, they have just released a six song EP in support of their short Aussie tour, with a full length to follow. Fans of smart jangly pop of the sort practiced by those name checked previously will not be disappointed.
The other artist with new product to “shill” is Bill Janovitz, founding member of Buffalo Tom, who took an increasingly popular crowd-funded approach for his latest project, “Walt Whitman Mall”. We were happy to throw some bucks in the kitty in support and are awaiting release, commentary to follow. Needless to say, these are only a couple of the hundreds of amazingly talented artists from the Boston area, who contribute to the indelible fabric of that community, a community that while currently reeling, will recover and come back stronger than ever!


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