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A sugarbowl of Soul

4 Dec


I arrived at the Iron Horse Music Hall last evening just around 5:30pm to find a huge line of 3 people waiting to get in. Uh oh, I thought, where is “Hogan’s Army”? Apparently watching the Giants-Skins game or doing their nails or something other than coming out to here a true treasure, Kelly Hogan perform with her combo in support of her superlative record ” I Like to Keep Myself in Pain”. Despite the sparse crowd, Kelly and her group gave us the goods and a whole lot more. She reveled in the intimate Monday evening vibe and predicted we might just all go home pregnant! In addition to playing a heap of stuff from the latest record, she also pulled out a just rehearsed Kenny Rankin tune and a song written for her by Jeff Tweedy, that he decided was too good to reliniquish, subsequently putting his version on the latest Wilco Record. Kelly’s version sounded pretty damn good too, I might add. Hell she even turned to mic over to bass player Nora O’Connor at one point, so she could belt out a deep album cut from Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, “That’s Alright” . So while no box office records were broken, those of us lucky enough to be there got more than our money’s worth!

And don’t let me forget to mention the opening act, from the Boston area, Kingsley Flood cranked out an energetic and entertaining set of Americana shot through with some brass and fiddle flavors that sounded real fine. Nice folks too, a couple of whom reside down Gloucester way, one of my favorite parts of the Bay State. Look for these guys in your part of town and go see them!