Saturday Night Special

17 Sep


After missing Pete Anderson’s two previous appearances in the Capital District (along with apparently everyone else, judging the reviews) we made it an imperative to catch his show at the Ale House on Saturday. Got there in time to grab a Switchback Unfiltered Pale Ale and head on into the music room where we were greeted by numerous empty chairs! Thank goodness a few intrepid souls had successfully battled inertia and created a small but appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Pete was not bothered by the numbers, he was only interested in playing some hot shit blues licks and sharing some road stories. His band, featuring Jeff Donavan on drums and Mike “Fireball” Murphy on Hammond Organ, electric piano AND keyboard bass, were in the pocket and filled in the necessary shades of blue. Pete played a bunch of tunes from his latest CD “Even Things Up” as well as several selections from a forthcoming release. Two full sets of some of the finest twang tasty blues we’ve heard in these parts. In fact midway through the first set, we realized that this type of music had been missing from regular rotation in any playlist we can claim for way too long. A sin of ommission for which there needs atonement. Thanks to Brian and the Ale House staff for bringing such quality talent to the Collar City. And they are just getting started. Check their Facebook page for other upcoming shows that are not to be missed!

Update: Check here for a great review of this show complete with playlist, thanks Fred!


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